If you are visiting our page for the first time, you might not know that Goose Grease is a small company run by us, Juan and Anna, from our studio in Brooklyn. Juan is from Colombia, and as we started to get involved in painting little dolls, we began to source artisans from Colombia to help us fulfill our mission. These photos are from a recent trip over to the beautiful Bogotá. We design the shape of our dolls, and have them turned for us by carpenters from a small shop. We love visiting their shop every time we go there to see the new drums, beds, and salt shakers they are turning. And of course, our dolls. They carefully turn each doll by hand, carving it out of a piece of  sustainably forested Urapán wood, which is commonly used in Colombia. When one tree is used, two are planted. We are currently working with two local Colombian artisans who are helping us to paint our standard designs. We met with these women in our last visit and had a wonderful painting class, setting ourselves up with new projects for the year.

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