After a recent visit to the Folk Art Museum here in NYC, (it is a small museum, but a definite recommendation for NYC museums, and is free) we were inspired to this little craft project. Our child loved looking at these bottle cap sculptures that I thought I'd let her work on her own bottle cap creation.

Supplies needed: Wooden Picture Frame, Glue, Bottle Caps, Pom Poms, a Photograph or Paint and Paper for making something to go inside the frame, string for hanging the frame.

Step 1: Have the child squeeze a large amount of glue onto the frame and then attach the bottle caps.  A variation of this would be to make a thick paste using flour and water, and have them insert the bottle caps as though making a mosaic. They can also use pom poms to fill up the space on the frame.

Step 2: Have the child paint a little picture for the frame.  Once the frame is dry, turn it over to tape their painting to the frame, as well as a little string for hanging the frame to the wall.

Lesson to teach: Folk Art is defined by the fact that the artist is self-taught.  Also, folk art sculpture and paintings are often made with found objects.  Making art out of bottle caps is one way of recycling and re-using materials instead of throwing them away.

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