As it is spring time and nearing the rainy season, I checked out this book from the library last week. It was exciting to be reading this book to our two year old, and realizing that this was the first time she is learning that rain comes from clouds. This book is fantastic, and offers many opportunities for little lessons. We have been reading and re-reading this lovely book so much, I had to do a little cloud craft with her. This cloud project can be altered as needed according to the supplies you have on hand.  Here is what we used:

String, Cereal Boxes cut as Clouds, Wooden Beads, Paint and Brushes, Glue (not pictured), Tape, Cotton Balls.

First, have your little ones paint the beads (these will be the rain drops).

Second, cut three small pieces of string, and tie a knot at the bottom.  Have your little one string the bead, and then tape it to the back of the smallest cloud. Now, tape a small piece of string to all of the clouds, connecting them together.  They should look like this:

Lastly, spread a layer of glue onto the clouds and have your little one attach cotton balls, as many as they like.

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