This is how we paint jeans.  Supplies needed:  Pencil, Wooden Doll, Painter's Tape, A shade of Blue Paint, Flat Brush, Tortillon

Step 1: Draw the eyes, the outline of the hair, and then the arms.

Step 2: Using a piece of painter's tape, wrap the tape around the doll, wherever you'd like your pant-line to be.  We like ours to be a little more than half way down the doll.

Step 3: Paint the pants.  We like to use a shade from Americana Folk Art paints called Williamsburg Blue.  It is a lovely shade that only requires one coat, which is always a good thing!  Also, you can see that I'm using my flat brush to go around the hands- it works better to do it this way than to first outline the hands with a smaller brush.  If you do use a smaller, round, brush, for example, you may end up with a ridge around the hand.  It takes a little practice, but trust me- the results are enjoyable!

Step 4: Remove the paint and add the detail.  We use pencil to do a lot of our detailing, and then we smooth the line with a tortillon to prevent it from smudging.  A simple line down the middle will signify pants.

And there you have it!  In this model, we've added a belt using a small pointy brush and some brown paint.  We then went back and added the belt loop lines on top.  Best of luck!


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