Teaching history and cultural awareness through art and sculpture, Goose Grease offers after-school classes, Saturday classes, Birthday Parties and Summer Camp for kids located in or around the NYC area.  Our rented classroom space is located in a community center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at 195 Maujer St.

Is your child artistic, creative, and innovative? Do they LOVE using their imagination and exploring? Then Goose Grease is a perfect fit for them! 


July 17-21, 10+ Students, 9-3pm

We will spend 4 days building our puppets and writing a show. Thursday will end with a puppet show that we will video (parents would be welcome to attend). Friday will be a field trip day to visit the backstage, props, and costumes of A Midsummer's Night Dream at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park. We will receive a personal tour by the Associate Director of Production. After our visit we will have lunch in the park and, if it works and the kids are up for it, we could bring our puppets and put on our show in the park for any passersby that wanted to watch. Our teacher-student ratio will be about 1-6.   


August 28-Sept.1, 9-3pm 

Spanish! Music or Creative Writing!

10+ Students
During this week each student will build a pirate ship and discuss the literature of Robert Louis Stevenson. Lessons are prepared by Goose Grease co-owner Juan Donado (PhD in Philosophy). Juan is a native Spanish speaker and will be available to speak Spanish with our Spanish learners. We will study/work on map-making (cartography) and maze building. The last day of camp will be a day out, an excursion on a treasure hunt. This week will be led by Anna and Juan. Our teacher-student ratio will be about 1-6. 

Interested in Attending? 

Send us an email today to reserved your spot!!! info@goosegreaseshop.com.
Ages 5-10
COST: $450 per week
LOCATION: 195 Maujer St. 


Spring Session:

Mondays and Tuesdays! With pick-up from Brooklyn Arbor, class ends at 5:30. 

Semester focus: POETRY! 

Click HERE for schedule and tuition details. 

Location: 195 Maujer St.
Time: Class ends at 5:30, includes pick-up from Brooklyn Arbor
Teacher: Anna Donado 

More info coming Soon! 

Our Spanish/English bilingual Wednesday class is excited to have finished their Under The Sea Dioramas!
During each class we plan to teach the students 1-2 specific projects and we always allow them ample time to develop their own ideas using the skills they have learned from their teacher-lead activity.
Four of our students, hard at work while listening to the story of Treasure Island.
One of our young artists, safely working with her hot glue gun. 
A Himalayan Diorama, almost finished. 
The beginning stages of an Egyptian diorama. 
A student from our summer Doll-House camp, showing off his zip line and draw bridge.