Once you fill out our custom request form by clicking either on Family or Wedding in our Custom page, your order is placed on our waiting list.  We work on the wedding toppers with respect to the wedding date.  We will begin work on your toppers most likely 8-10 weeks before your wedding date, depending on our work load.  Let us know if there is an earlier date you would like for your toppers to be finished.  Once we begin, we will send you an email to be sure there have been no changes made to your wedding attire. This will let you know that we are getting started. This is the time to make changes! After about a week's time, we will contact you again with photos for approval and an invoice for payment.  Please do respond to these emails, as this is the only way we have to get your toppers to you!  After we've received payment and approval, we will ship your toppers 1-2 days later. Because custom families normally require less changes than wedding toppers, allow 4-6 weeks between the request and the date when the item is needed. For prices, please click here.