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Wednesdays- 13 weeks || NYC History || Spanish Bi-lingual

  • Focus on Brooklyn/NYC history. Each student will build a 3-story brownstone, including a deli, laundomat, and apartment room. Throughout the semester we will be inspired by contemporary miniature artists such as Joe Fig, Drew Leshko, and Ryan Thomas Monahan. Each week will discuss moments of NY history from Henry Hudson to the early 1900s. The students will record their history notes in a journal. 
  • March 22 -June 21
  • No class because of school closures and Holidays- April 12
  • 13 weeks of class = $780
  • Thursdays- 17 weeks || Artist Focus

    •  We will make around 5 dioramas throughout the semester, focusing on artists and the cultural history of their time/place, as well as thier particular artistic style (some examples but subject to change): Van Gogh's bedroom, Calder's Circus, Kahlo's Mexico, The Surrealists' World, Toulouse-Lautrec and Paris.
    • Feb. 9-June 22
    • No class because of school closures and Holidays- Feb.23, April 13, June 8 
    • 17 weeks of class = $1,020


      195 Maujer St. between Graham Ave. & Humbolt St. (a rented community center, church basement) - a 20 minute walk from school. We will generally walk, if weather isn't fair, we will use a car service.
      Time: Class ends at 5:30, includes pick-up from Brooklyn Arbor
      Instructor: Anna Donado 

      General Facts about Goose Grease After School
      In our art-intensive after school we focus on multi-media art making, using an 8” blank wooden box as our canvas.  We use clay (air-dry, non-hardening, and oven bake), wooden pieces, acrylic paint, lots of papier mache, found pieces, and much more. Students will gain confidence in their art skills as they work with quality art materials and build their own miniature world. Each class includes a topical or historical lesson, followed by 2 hours of project led art-making time.  

      Requires full semester commitment. Classes are $60 per session, includes pick-up from Arbor. Please send an after-school snack with your child. Payments can be made in full or in monthly installments. Preferred payment method is check made out to Goose Grease.