Chien-Shiung Wu Limited Edition Collector's Item

Chien-Shiung Wu was a Chinese-American physicist born in 1912 in the Jiangsu province of China to a teacher mother and engineer father who were both passionate about gender equality. Whilst working in her graduate studies at the Institute of Physics at Academia Sinica, Wu worked under Dr. Gu Jing-Wei who inspired her to earn her doctorate oversees at the University of Michigan. However, upon learning of sexist practices there, Wu decided to pursue her PhD at UC Berkeley instead. At UC Berekley, Wu would meet many influential physicists and make some of her most influential discoveries. In 1940, she presented her thesis in two sections: the first was on the subject of beta decay and the second, on the radioactive isotope Xe and its production using nuclear fission.

After marrying fellow physicist, Yuan Shikai, in 1942, Wu moved to the east coast where Wu would become the first woman faculty member of the Physics department at Princeton University. She joined the Manhattan Project in 1944, where her thesis work would be used to fix the first practical nuclear reactor, B Reactor. 

After WWII, Wu accepted an associate research professor position at Colombia University (where she worked on the Manhattan Project) and would go on to be the first woman to become a tenured Physics professor in the history of the school.

Her other notable contributions to Physics include the Wu Experiment, proving Enrico Fermi's theory on beta decay, and her work in quantum entanglement. In her later years, she became a huge advocate for STEM education and was very outspoken on gender discrimination. 

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INCLUDES One Doll, Size 3.5"

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