Gallery by Goose Grease
Gallery by Goose Grease Gallery by Goose Grease Gallery by Goose Grease

Take home this high voltage card game about the art world! A fun-filled, action-packed game that will entertain, teach, and make family game night even more exciting.

How to play?

- Receive 15 Artwork Cards.

- Choose 8 that will be your gallery.

- Draw an Event Card! Event Cards consist of events that change the value of your gallery and/or your Virtual Piggy Bank.

- Set a timer or play until all Event Cards are drawn. Highest valued gallerist wins!

Is "Gallery by Goose Grease" a good fit for me?

If you enjoy the dynamics between chance and strategy involved in well-known games such as "Monopoly," then yes, "Gallery" is a good fit for you.

How would you describe "Gallery?"

"Gallery" can easily be played by 2 players or a family of 4 in 45 minutes. Quick and easy setup, inspires lots of laughs and great conversation. In the Event Cards you will find a multiplicity of voices, ranging from the humorous to the educational. 

$ 35.00