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Mark Twain for kids - Art Workshop on Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn

Pics from our last workshop, Mark Twain! Throughout the week, students heard a kid-friendly version of the class Tom Sawyer adventure novel. We focused on his and Huckleberry Finn's adventures, the cave, the treasure hunt, life on the Mississippi, and the biography of Mark Twain. We worked with suitcases as our canvas- turning them into a diorama of Tom and Huck on the Mississippi River, a cave, and their own adventure book. We talked about fishing and steamboats and life in the 19th century, and they even made their own Tom Sawyer costume! 

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The Story of Writing - Spring Break Art Intensive

In our recent 2-day art intensive, we fully immersed ourselves into the Story of Writing. Our exploration began with a visit to the Morgan Library, and a look at illuminated manuscripts.  We looked at various ancient writing forms, such as Egyptian hieroglyphs and Mayan glyphs, and made a pendant inspired...

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Photos from our Puppet Theatre Intensive

We spent an entire week working with 13 young students on Puppet Theatre, and had a blast of a time. We split our group into three, and gave them each a myth to write their puppet shows about. We focused on: The Legend of Taliesin (the first part), The Archer...

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