We spent an entire week working with 13 young students on Puppet Theatre, and had a blast of a time. We split our group into three, and gave them each a myth to write their puppet shows about. We focused on: The Legend of Taliesin (the first part), The Archer and the Sun, and The Legend of Blue Bonnet. We used this EXCELLENT tutorial on Molly Moo Crafts for our puppets. We also used basic hand puppets for additional characters. The students painted a giant cardboard box for their theatre. We were also lucky to have a tour of the backstage of the Delacorte Theatre, which gave us lots of inspiration for our own park performance. On Friday we walked our stage, props, and puppets to the local park for a Puppet Theatre performance. We also had a tour of the immersive theatre Third Rail, which gave the students another perspective on a theatre experience. 

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