IMG_4157 We were beyond thrilled to host our first ever Goose Grease themed birthday party! IMG_4112 Every girl received one of our Goose Grease DIY Kits to help them get started with their crafts. IMG_4140   IMG_4152 We also taught the girls how to sculpt their own 3D buns, which they all did super well! IMG_4132 The girls were so talented and concentrated that it made our job much easier. IMG_4122 We loved the fact that Mom was also enjoying the craft session! IMG_4154 Unbelievably beautiful dolls came out of it! IMG_4100 And in the end, we gave each girl their own little doll, so they could take home a reminder of such a special day! Are you planning a birthday party in NYC this Fall? Contact us at!



What a fabulous idea!! It looks like it was a huge success!

Nov 12, 2015

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