I just came back from Virginia, where I taught two wooden doll painting workshops at Anytime Creative Childcare Center in Chesapeake. The children were delightful! We taught two classes: one for ages 5-8 and the other for ages 2-4.

In the older class, we broke the lesson down into many parts. I first talked about Colombia, South America, and how we have many wooden dolls which are made by a carpenter there. I told them about the lathe, and about the process that the wood goes through before turning into a doll. Then, I taught them about the process of painting the wooden dolls - drawing, painting, sealing.

Moving on to the younger children, I focused on color mixing between yellow and blue (our big lesson was: yellow and blue make green! ). I spoke about what an artist does, about an artist's tools, and how there are many different forms of canvas. Our canvas on that day: wooden dolls.

If you are interested in having us teach a wooden crafts workshop at your center or birthday party, please contact us at info@goosegreaseshop.com for rates.

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