We finally have an EXTENSIVE how-to make your wedding cake toppers post. Here are a few of the steps, but you can find the full addition here on the Etsy Wedding Blog. Big thanks to Julie from Etsy for inviting us to do the post!

Supplies: wooden dolls, paint, brushes, top coat, tortillon, sandpaper, a good pencil, post-it note.

First step: Make sure the surface of the wood is smooth and that all knicks or uneven places are sanded down. Holding the wood’s vertical lines towards you, draw two points for the eyes, then draw the hairline around the perimeter of the face. To draw the arms, envision an imaginary line from the point of the eye all the way down to the hand. This will be the inside of the arm. Go back up to draw the outside of both arms. In the case of the bride, a horizontal line connecting both arms cuts across to make the bride’s dress (variations to the neckline can be made after this line is drawn). For the groom, draw a V in the center going down from the neck. This will make for his suit.

Paint your dolls!

Finish off your details. Here were are drawing the outline of the groom's suit using a post-it note as a guide, and shading the line with a shading tool called a tortillon.

Apply your top coat and enjoy the finished product!

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