Our daughter is just beginning to start recognize the letters of the alphabet, and as I was trying to think of a way to create a toy to help her with this, I remembered the Letter People from my days in Kindergarten. I remember seeing each letter as a person, and being able to give life to the letter really seemed to make an impression on me.  So - we tried our own hand at turning the dolls into letters.  We've just done ABC for now, but the whole alphabet is soon to come.  Our daughter loves playing with these dolls.  We call them Mrs. A,  Mr.B, and Mrs.C .  She likes when we give voices to them and set up scenarios and adventures for them to go on. Also, because we left the design so simple, they can be used for many different languages (we are using ours for Spanish and English). I can already see that they are helping her to recognize the letters, and we are happy to offer them to your child here in our shop.

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