Have you purchased canvas bags from us and our wondering how to stamp them? Here's a sneak peak into how we stamp our canvas bags.

First you'll want to find your stamp.  You can use any scrapbooking stamp, you can carve your own out of linoleum, or you can have someone make one for you from a line-design.  We have a local guy here in the East Village make our stamps for us.

Secondly, the ink. Above are the different ones you can choose. Our favorite is the last one, Ranger's Archival Ink.  I find that it doesn't bleed as much as the others, it is more consistent, it lasts longer, and it dries fast.

Thirdly, get to stamping! I like to use a little pressure, but not too much because you don't want the ink to get on the negative space. After each bag I stamp I wipe off the stamp with a dry cloth.  I re-ink my stamp before each bag. Lay them out to dry before stacking the bags on top of each other, and there you have it!


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