Our little girl recently started preschool... The first week was a little rough, but she has since warmed up and is now very happy with her experience!  After the second day, when I picked her up she told told me "no jugar, no comer, no pintar" - which, in her child-spanish means: I didn't play, I didn't eat, I didn't paint.  I told her that playing, eating, and painting was exactly what she was supposed to do in school, so I came up with these little cards to help remind her.  Over the weekend we reviewed them over and over again, and on the following Monday she wore this little pouch around her neck with the cards inside.  She took them out periodically to remind herself what she was supposed to do at school.  The second week was much better than the first, and I think the cards helped!  Here's how you can do it for your little one: draw little figures on one side of the card and write the verb on the other side.  Choose simple actions, like - play, paint, read, be happy.  I used a black ink to outline the figures and pastel chalks to fill them in.  I then laminated the cards with clear tape to make them durable.  Let us know if this works for you!

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