here are the supplies you'll need to do this project (some of which can be found in our shop, just click on the words below):

recycled book pages, paint kit with top coat, brushes, tie pin back, angel wings, split-dress girl, E6000, drawing pencil

step 1: draw your angel's hair and eyes.  i like to use a 0.3mm draftsman pencil with 2H lead.


step 2: paint and seal your angel.


step 3: cover the angel wings with strips of recycled paper using your top coat.

step 4: attach the wings to the back of the angel using the E6000, you'll notice that i also painted the back of the angel with the solid color of her dress.

step 5: attach the pin to the back of the wings using the E6000.

and now your project is finished!  we'll have a few of these painted angel pins at our booth at the upcoming renegade craft fair in brooklyn, we'd love to see you there!

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