We had such a blast spending about 4 weeks studying Ancient Egypt. We taught about Fayum Portraits and had the kids paint their own on the "doors" of their tomb. Inside the doors opened to shelves of their canopic jars and their pharaoh mummy. Here is an AMAZING resource for our Spanish speakers about Ancient Egypt.

We carved potatoes into hieroglyphs and used them to stamp on the box. 

The tomb was built out with newspaper and the shelves we glued on first. Then they covered everything in plaster strips and painted. We use balsa wood for the shelves. 

To make the organs we used Sculpey clay. 

For the bowls (our version of canopic jars) we used non-hardening Sargent clay because it is easy to work with. 

We discussed weaving and the kids made miniature rugs on a cardboard loom. We also learned about Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony and they each painted their own Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. 

Some kids made chariots out of found pieces and a horse with non-hardening Sargent Clay. After sculpting the horse, we covered it in Mod Podge to make it a little more sturdy. 

And don't forget the back! We used transfer paper and the kids traced an image that they liked onto the back of their boxes and colored it in. 

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