We love working on the theme "Under the Sea" with our Diorama classes!
One of our first steps with this diorama is to build up the sea floor using newspapers and homemade papier mache (flour and water). We paint the background and teach the children about color nuances, highlighting colors like Coral (not pink) and Turquoise (not blue). We made an octopus with our favorite Sargent clay and encourage the students to make their own clay colors by kneading the necessary colors together.
On the second class, we gave each student a small box of select materials and asked them to create a sea monster using what they had in their box. We loved seeing what all the students came up with!
Juan and I have worked with mosaics for many years, and the Under the Sea theme is a great time to introduce our students to this beautiful art form. We love sharing about Antoni Gaudi and explaining how we cut the glass with a special scoring tool.
We make paper fish and jelly fish, color them on both sides and hang them from the ceiling. This student has made a sea monster caught in a net by her sea creature. We used spray adhesive to adhere the sand to the back.
The students enjoyed some play time once their creations were finished! And here you can see their awesome coral reefs that they made with Sculpey clay.

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